W500/1(CG50) Waterproof broadband AE Sensor

Product updated time:2018-08-08 11:19

Brief description:

Broadband waterproof sensor. Frequency range: 100kHz ~ 1000khz, resonance frequency: 500KHz, protection grade: IP68. The collected signals are rich and comprehensive....

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W500/1(CG50) AE Sensor


Model (New) W500/1
Model (Old) CG50
Resonant frequency  500KHz
Frequency range 100-1000kHz
Sensitivity peak >65dB
Applicable temperature -20~120℃
Size mm Φ19×15
Weight(g) 22
Case material SUS-304
Face material ceramic
Protection Grade IP68
Connector  BNC
Connector Location opposite side of the cable

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