RAEM1 IoT Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Monitoring System

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Brief description:

RAEM1 IoT acoustic wave (acoustic emission) monitoring system consists of three parts, i.e. RAEM1 (sensor, signal acquisition and analysis and communication unit), cloud platform, and the client terminals (smartphones, PC, monitors etc.). Structures c...

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Detailed introduction

RAEM1 IoT Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Monitoring System


RAEM1 IoT Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Monitoring System Applications:

Typical Monitoring Applications of RAEM1

Compact and flexible AE Instrument


Various Communication Methods Connecting to the Cloud Servers Directly: 

Various Communication Methods Connecting to the Cloud Servers by Networking: 

Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform

A variety of terminal solutions for data display and analysis can be chosen, such as specialized acoustic emission analysis software, Qingcheng IoT cloud platform, and Alibaba cloud platform, etc.

Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform (https://www.iot.ae-ndt.com/) is developed by Qingcheng company for IoT-AE products. It is a safe and reliable data management cloud platform integrating data query, data display, remote configuration, intelligent monitoring and active alarming functions. Real-time view display of AE parameters, waveform data, system rating results, and alarm notifications. You can also query the historical data for more than one year. The capacity can be expanded as required. 

Real-time Waveform Data Display


Real-time Parameters Historical Display

Real-time Parameters Historical Display

Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform has system rating function. It means different intensity levels, activity levels and comprehensive rating rules can be set according to the user’s requirements. Acoustic emission data adopts automatic classification algorithm. The intensity level, activity level and comprehensive level can be obtained from acoustic emission HIT parameters, which can be flexibly set to meet the system rating requirements of different industry standards. Rating parameters include the number of hits, duration, rise time, rise counts, counts, amplitude, ASL, RMS, and energy.

When reaching the set alarm conditions, it actively pushes alarm notifications to client ends, such as mobile phones, and computers.

Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform can also be customized according to the customer’s needs.



System Rating Result Table



System Rating Summary Graph


Phone Alarm Notifications


Technical Specs:

Channels Single channel or multiple channels
Sample trigger Threshold trigger / time trigger
Sample rate Max. 2M points/second per channel
Resolution 16-bit
System noise Better than 30dB
Dynamic range 70dB
Input bandwidth 10kHz-1000kHz
Analog filter Two high-pass filters: 30kHz, 125kHz; two low-pass filters: 80kHz, 175kHz; two band-pass filters: 30kHz~80kHz, 125kHz~175kHz are optional. It is fixed when leaving the factory.
Digital filter Any value between 0kHz~1000kHz can be set as pass-through, high-pass, low-pass or band-pass filter (combined with analog filter)
Sensor Internal preamp series, three internal preamp available: 28V40dB, 12V34dB, 5V26dB
Data Output Waveform, Parameters, System rating
AE parameters Arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy, rising time, duration, RMS, ASL
Storage 64G (expandable to 512G)
Communication Ethernet/WiFi (options to upgrade to 4G, or RS485 etc.)
Operation Temperate LAN: -20℃~60℃;   WiFi: 0℃~60℃
Supply 12VDC
Dimension Cylinder diameter φ62mm, height 100mm
Weight 220g
Installation Magnetic base can be absorbed on the measured metallic surface
Protection Degree IP65

System Principle and Features

Ø RAEM1 IoT acoustic wave (acoustic emission) monitoring system consists of three parts, i.e. RAEM1 (sensor, signal acquisition and analysis and communication unit), cloud platform, and the client terminals (smartphones, PC, monitors etc.). Structures can be customized, for example sensors and power supply can be external or internal. Refer to the “System Hardware Table”.

Ø A smart acoustic emission instrument integrates signal acquisition with analysis and data transmission. The signal is digitized after ADC, followed by frequency domain filtering, waveform processing, AE parameters extraction and system ratings by FPGA and ARM on SoC. The data is transmitted to the cloud servers through the communication modules built-in the cylinder, like 4G/WiFi/LAN. Users can access the data in real-time to view and download the waveform, parameters and system ratings. (see diagram)


Ø Aluminum alloy case, compact size, light weight, durable, and easy to carry;
Ø The cylinder has the magnetic base and can be absorbed on magnetic surface;
Ø Various sample modes: Hit extract mode, continuous parameter;
Ø Based on Linux system, which has high feasibility, high stability, and high security;

Ø Flexible channel combinations: single channel, or multi-channel usages, expandable to 38 channels and above. Multiple units can form as a multi-channel system for real-time monitoring on large or very large equipment;
Ø Various triggering methods: threshold trigger, time trigger, continuous sample, external trigger (in development);
Ø Use 5G + 2.4G WiFi modules to get advantages of transmission speed and distance. Max transmission is up to 120Mbps, and the farthest distance can be 100m.

Ø Fast Ethernet, max speed: 100Mbps;
Ø Built-in 64G memory card, expandable to 512G, for data storage, without data loss in power failure;
Ø Data can be uploaded to the IoT cloud platform for display and analysis (Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform or Alibaba Cloud). It can also be downloaded to the professional AE analysis software provided by Qingcheng on the computer for further analysis. Or use the Qingcheng SWAE software for direct connections and real-time analysis.
Ø Water-proof design optional, up to IP65;

Ø Sensor can be internal based on users’ demand, i.e. integrated design of sensor, acquisition module, communication and battery.
Ø Can be used as a detection instrument. Refer to RAEM1 acoustic wave (AE) detection system (Link)


System Hardware Table:

No. Name Detail Information Notes
1 Power Two power forms: external power adaptor, external/internal battery  
2 Sensor Two sensor formats: external or internal
Various options, typical: IOTS35, IOTS150
Contact us for other types
3 Hardware Filter Two hardware filters: 30kHz~80kHz, 125kHz~175kHz  
4 Sensor Holder Various types to match various sensors  
5 Communication Ethernet/ WiFi/ 4G Contact us to upgrade to 4G
6 Router/Switch Based on the networking  


Additional Features: Use as a Detection System

In addition to monitoring system, RAEM1 can also be used as a detection instrument. Refer to RAEM1 acoustic wave (acoustic emission) detection system (Link).

Using Qingcheng SWAE software can process deep analysis of real-time or historical data.


Single Channel System:


Multiple Channels System Networking:



Typical Applications (Links) 

l Bridge Structure Health Monitoring
l Wind Power Structure Health Monitoring
l Bearing Rotating Machinery Monitoring
l Cutting Tool Wear Monitoring
l Pipeline/Valve Leakage Monitoring
l Aerial Working Platform Testing
l Transformer Partial Discharge Testing


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