1-144+channel SAEU3H Multi-channel Integrated Acoustic Emission System

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Hard disk parameters of SAEU3H Series Acquisition frequency The maximal acquisition frequency is 10M dolt/s,sample rate can be adjusted continuously, and each channel can be set independently. Acquisition accuracy 16- bit Data transferring Rate The ma...

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Hard disk parameters of SAEU3H Series

Acquisition frequency The maximal acquisition frequency is 10M dolt/s, sample rate can be adjusted continuously, and each channel can be set independently.
Acquisition accuracy 16- bit
Data transferring   Rate The maximum data transferring rate of single USB3.0 interface   is higher than 300MB/S, the maximum data transferring rate of two separate   USB3.0 interface is higher than 600MB/S.
Acquisition of continuous waveform Acquisition   frequency10M/S、16-bit accuracy、15 channels acquisition of   continuous wave
Data acquisition of broad channel Acquisition   frequency:10M/S、accuracy 16-bit、data
acquisition of 200 channels, data storage won’t be   lost。
Channel quantity of acquisition   card Each acquisition card has four independent channels.
Storage   capacity   of acquisition card 1 GB for each acquisition card
Acquisition case Two kinds of basic machine case:20 channels、48 channels
Channel expansion Several cases can be cascaded and form 200 channels   AE system, each case can be used as independent host machine.
AE signal processing Each hard disk of acquisition card obtains AE parameters
 characteristically, can be extracted in real   time, its channel can be set up independently.
Acquisition length
of the waveform
The maximum acquisition length of single waveform, sample rate of each   channel can reach 128k at the same time, also the channel can be set independently.
Pre-acquisition function of the waveform Pre-triggering, preliminary acquisition length can   reach 128±10V k sampling point , the channel can be set independently.
AE input signal range ±10V,downward adjusting signal range can be ±5V,±2V,±1V,±0.1V,the channel can be set independently.
Response frequency 1kHz-2.5MHz(-3dB band width)
Analog filter 20kHz、100kHz、400kHz three High pass filter,   100kHz、400kHz、1200kHz three   low-pass filter, customer can choose different combination, can set up one by   one independently.
Real-time digital filter of hardware The parameters of direct-pass、direct-pass、high-pass、low-pass、ban-pass and band-hinder can be set up at random between 0kHz-2MHz.  
Noise of main machine ﹤15.7dB (no-load)
Dynamic range 84.3dB
The Maximum signal range 100dB( using 40dB preamplifier, the sensor output is   100 mAh) 
Input impedance 50Ω
AE parameters Threshold arrival time、peak magnitude arrival time、amplitude、ring counts、duration、relative   energy、absolute energy、signal intensity、rise counts、rise time、RMS、ASL、initial phase、12 outside parameters、Frequency Centroid、peak magnitude  frequency、5 partial   power   spectrum、original frequency、resounding frequency、average frequency
External parameter acquisition Standard layout of this instrument is with 8 analog   signal channels, maximally can be expanded to 96 channels. The total sample   rate of external parameter achieves 1M sampling spot per second.
Acquisition accuracy of the external parameter is   16-bit, parametric input -range is ±10V, and can be changed into physical   unit of signal source.
Alarming output The main outputs the alarming controlling signal   through switch and light.
Case size Case size of four channels: 125mm×125mm×50mm(length×width×height)
Case size of twenty channels: 308mm×225mm×133mm (length×width×height)
Case size of forty eight channels: 308mm×225mm×133mm (length×width×height)
Working temperature 10℃~﹢45℃

Main features
l High integration and easy to carry;
l Customer can choose different cases and quantity based on different demand, also can  Configure the chassis and acquisition cards to form a multi-channel AE system, multi-chassis can be cascaded to build a large-channel AE system; each case can be used as separate main machine, and can be expanded to more than 200 channels;
l Data communication between AE chassis and computer via USB3.0, LAN and optical fiber;
l Optional network port composes a variety of AE network system, such as local area network, wireless network and Ethernet for remote control etc.;
l Each AE card has 1Gb large capacity DDR memory, to ensure that instantaneous transmission of mass data is not lost;
l Multi-trigger modes for waveform acquisition: threshold, time driven, external, parametric, then can meet any kind of acquisition need;
l Synchronous waveform acquisition mode is just like synchronous multi-channel oscilloscopes: if one channel is triggered then all other channels are also triggered by this triggered channel synchronously;
l Hardware Real-time digital filter: pass-through, high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-stop filter can be set at any frequency on the range of 1.0kHz-2.2MHz, the continuous waveform is reconstructed after digital filtering, and then the AE hit data are extracted by reconstructed waveform. All these digital signal processing are done real-time by embedded software in chip;
l Hardware real-time FFT analysis: continuous signal processing to FFT frequency domain waveform and power spectrum parameter output on acquisition card, channel can be set independently.
l Automatic detection of preamplifier status to fit supply voltage of different preamplifier, Convenient to field debugging;
l Automated sensor test (AST): Built-in AST function, used for automated pulsing and receiving, as well as sensor coupling / sensitivity checks;
l Innovative motherboard design can do intellectual data management according to different kind of acquisitions, at the same time can expand other kind of board card, can achieve long-term motoring、storage and remote transmission.
l Aluminum alloy shell, full-shield design of chassis frame and panel conductive interworking to improve anti-electromagnetic interference;
l Power and thermal dissipation design in accordance with aerodynamics and thermodynamics, to ensure the stability of the instrument long-term operation in harsh conditions;
l Standard industrial chassis like PXI pluggable function module, good scalability and modularity, easy to maintain and upgrade;
l Multiple indicators displayed on the panel,such as power supply、USB communication、running、 hit、 waveform、alarming、 parametric、cascade, so as to observe the operational status timely. Once triggered,  alarming outputs.
Description of Date Transferring Rate
l The continuous passing rate visa single USB3.0 interface is Up to 300MB/s, which can meet parametric acquisition of 3,000,000 hits/s or continuous waveform acquisition of 300MB/s.
l Up to 600MB/s via double independent USB3.0 interfaces, corresponding doubled the hits and waveform sampling.
l Can ensure continuous waveform sampling of 15 AE channels at 10M/s sampling rate and 16-bit sampling resolution, or 30 AE channels at 5M/s sampling rate and 16-bit sampling resolution, or 50 AE channels at 3M/s sampling rate and 16-bit sampling resolution, or 150 AE channels at 1M/s sampling rate and 16-bit sampling resolution.
Description of Data Communication
With USB 3.0 data communication of acquisition system, our SAEU3H can meet the demand of instantaneous bulk data communication and storage, and is stable and reliable. Meanwhile, optional network communication interface and electronic hard disk can be selected, to be used in acquisition control and data transmitting. The electronic hard disk stores the data locally to ensure that the data is not lost, also can be used in remote monitoring and other special acquisition environment.

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