Acoustic emission testing of atmospheric storage tank

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The main purpose of acoustic emission on-line detection of atmospheric storage tank is to judge whether there is leakage at the bottom of the tank, and then to evaluate the integrity of the tank by combining with the local ultrasonic thickness measurement results of the tank wall or roof and the local ultrasonic flaw detection re inspection results required by the acoustic emission testing results. Acoustic emission technology has been used to detect the bottom plates of atmospheric tanks of many customers.

At the invitation of oil depot of Petro China Liaoning Ying kou sales company, Qingcheng’s previous company (Soundwel ) used SAEU2S-20 acoustic emission instrument to test the bottom plate of atmospheric tank with 5000 cubic capacity and gasoline medium. According to the time difference location of tank bottom, there are 152 effective sound sources during pressure maintaining, and the sound source level is divided into level II (C < e ≤ 10c): there are slight local corrosion signs on the tank bottom plate. The acoustic emission instrument of sono company is used to detect the high-pressure hydrogen storage tank, and the potential safety hazards are found in time to prevent accidents.


Atmospheric storage tank inspection site

Acoustic emission signal location map of tank bottom plate