Acoustic emission study of material mechanics

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In May 2008, Qingcheng (previous company name Soundwel) cooperated with the 507 Institute of Aerospace to carry out pressure test on the helmet of Shenzhou-7 spacecraft Spacesuit. The helmet structure of spacesuit is complex, so it is difficult to evaluate the performance of the helmet by conventional testing methods and monitor its loading process effectively. In this case, using the high sensitivity characteristics of SWAES-15 acoustic emission instrument, the formation and expansion of the initial micro defects are monitored, and the formation of defects is comprehensively monitored according to the speed and degree of its development. At the same time, the location function of acoustic emission is used to mark the serious defect area, so as to guide the detection position and start-up time of high-speed imaging system. Through the efforts of both parties, the inspection of the spaceflight helmet was successful.